Price list

Rib joint (boned and rolled) – £7.80/kg

Boned and rolled leg joint – £8.50/kg

Loin joint (boned and flat) – £10.50/kg

Belly joint (boned) – £6.75/kg

Tenderloin – £12.50/kg

Pork chops – £9.50/kg

Loin steaks – £10.50/kg

Belly slices – £5.75/kg

Diced pork – £8.00/kg

Minced pork – £7.50/kg

Lincolnshire/Sweet chilli sausages – £6.43/kg

Old English Pork/Cumberland/Black Cracked Pepper sausages – £7.26/kg

Pork, apple & cider burgers – £7.50/kg

Chipolatas/cocktail sausages – £8.26/kg

Back bacon – £9.50/kg

Smoked back bacon – £10.36/kg

Streaky bacon – £9.00/kg

Smoked streaky bacon – £9.81/kg

Gammon steaks – £13.50/kg

Gammon joint – £12.50/kg

Pig’s heart – £5.75/kg

Pig’s kidney – £5.75/kg

Pig’s liver – £4.75/kg

Pork fat (jar) – £1.00

Pig’s trotters – £1.50/kg

Please note that not all the cuts may be available as we sell out of our freezer. Some fresh meat is available when we butcher but this is on an ‘as available’ basis.

All our chops and steaks are packed in either single or double packs.

If there is something specific that you would like then please get in contact so we can see what we can do.

We now have the facility to enable us to post any frozen meat to anywhere in mainland UK. This will be charged at the couriers rate dependent upon the weight that is being sent. All meat will arrive within 48 hours to you and a numbers of tests have shown that the meat is still perfectly frozen after this time period.

We also have a number of preserves available that are all made at our smallholding

Cherry Plum Chutney – £2.50 for ¾ lb jar

Beetroot – £1.00 for ¾ lb jar

Cherry plum jelly – £2.25 for ¾ lb jar

Seville marmalade – £2.00 for ¾ lb jar

We may also have free range eggs for sale at a cost of £1.35 for half a dozen.

If you would like to discuss an order or would like further information please contact Clive on 0776669446, Becci on 07595336771 or

If you would like to join our mailing list to receive our newsletter and any special offers we have got then please drop us an email to the above address.

Please note that these prices are subject to change. 



One comment

  1. Hello Clive & Hilary

    Many thanks for the tour of your estate on Saturday. Especially exciting to learn of folk down the road with similar ideas on life and food, and hopefully there will be opportunities to swop notes in the future.

    As promised we want to place an order for various items and hope that the list is reasonable and makes sense, as follows:

    Boned & Rolled Leg Joint. 2no. @ 1.5KG
    Belly Joint – Enough for 8 People x2.
    Diced Pork. 3no. Bags @1KG Each.
    Tender Loin 2no.Bags @ 1KG Each.
    Belly Slices 2no.Bags @1KG Each.
    Loin Steaks 2no.Bags of 4no. Steaks
    Linc. Sausages 2no.Bags @ 1KG Each.
    Old. Eng Sausages 2no.Bags @ 1KG Each.
    Back Bacon 4no.Bags @ 500G Each.
    Streaky Bacon 4no.Bags @ 500G Each.
    2no.Jars fo Pork Fat

    Let me know if you want a cheque beforehand or alternatively see you on Saturday at 6pm.

    All the best


    PS. I hope this is the right format for placing orders!

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