Month: July 2016

New blood

Hilary has decided to take up the blog!

As you know we moved to Somerset 19 years ago this august bank holiday both working in the NHS. I finally retired from a rapidly changing front line job on 30/9/15. I am the reluctant smallholder but love the animals and after putting several posts on face book some of my friends suggested a book would be a good idea but that would horrify my old english teacher, then another one said you should write a blog and knowing Clive had started one a while ago it seemed sensible to start with that.

If you are a friend of mine on face book you will see I had fun with the equines and suncream this morning and I won’t repeat it here. The big excitement is clive has registered our pigs for the Royal Berkshire Show, we are taking Pongo, Perdie, Bessie and Annie.over the next few posts I will introduce you to our team so when I talk about them you will know who it is, I aim to add their photos too, its a steep learning curve.