Langley Rounds – March 2014

Well I guess I am learning this blogging thing slowly but I really wanted Langley rounds to be a diary of the smallholding.

If I am to achieve a diary I must update the blog more regularly!

So instead of looking back I will look forward to next month with some aims / plans and see if I have met my goals at the end of March.

  1. Build new Chicken shed for egg laying flock – block work started in Feb
  2. Build Duck House – 8’x4′ base and 4′ high – to be mounted on concrete blocks in back garden
  3. Fence backgarden for Chicken and Ducks
  4. Clear barn and prepare for lambing in April – Move Ginger out to Percy and Annie goes to Farrowing pen as hopefully pregnant
  5. Get Mobile pig pen galvanised in preparation for showing season
  6. Construct cupboard in poultry shed for incubator – Due arrival of 12 Aylesbury duck eggs for incubation in first week of March.
  7. Develop Product management  component of Accountz program so I can print stock available for sale on the blog РRecent upgrade of our Accountz program and 2 pigs butchers last week of Feb.

Well that is a start so I will publish this and try and update it regularly throughout March.

Here we go again it is now 27th March and I haven’t blogged but I have started some of my goals for March. Here is the chicken house under construction.



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